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War Horse Ranch


War Horse Ranch provides experiential treatment services for OEF/OIF Veterans and Civilian Contractor Security utilizing rescued horse and dogs. We assist these Warriors in learning how to manage their feelings, lives and overall relationships. Our Warriors live, work and care for War Horse Ranch, learning these tools while developing renewed trust towards others.


War Horse Ranch Warriors will learn how to care for their horse and/or dog all the while giving back to their community: Trail riding and mapping, Development of Renewable Clean Energy Sources, Educational enhancement, Performance Enhancement, etc.



Our goal at War Horse Ranch is to provide our nation's Heroes with an experiential alternative solutions designed to help reintegration and reunification. ​Duty to our fellow soldier, family member, horse, dog, mother nature and love of our country are just a few of the common denominators. Loyalty and honor are earned.


Service to our Nation's Heroes

War Horse Ranch, LLC wants to provide the best possible services to each veteran who has returned from our most recent theater of war. War Horse Ranch, LLC will not charge the veteran directly for services as this should be provided free of charge considering their sacrifices and bravery for services to our great nation.

War Horse Ranch, LLC will not seek state or federal monies. As a veteran myself, I find it rather appalling that someone tells me what is best for me and this is according to research of others who are vastly different from myself. Our goal at War Horse Ranch, LLC is to seek sponsorship from various companies, organizations, philanthorpists and other large corporations. Since War Horse Ranch is working in a joint venture agreement with FAMILY RECOVERY COUNSELING CENTER, an established 501c3 agency in Oklahoma City, we will be able to utilize their private non-profit status for tax incentives, write-offs, etc. Each soldier/veteran will be able to receive the treatment services needed without someone else from the state or federal government dictating what is best for you. 

War Horse Ranch, LLC will only provide services to 8 heroes at this time. There is a reason for this number. First, it is the most therapeutic for a licensed professional to manage in a group setting. Secondly, it will allow the licensed professionals to focus more intently on the needs of the veteran. Another factor is housing. Our intentions are to provide enough housing for our nation's heroes, permenant ranch staff and managers. With that stated, ideally 4 of the veteran's structures will be for a veteran, their spouse and children. If you were deployed and separated from your family, that was difficult enough. It was hard on you, your spouse and children. We want to offer your family to enter services with you, not as a consumer, but as your support system. Everyone within the family unit may need to speak up or speak out and this will be done with the intention of strengthening the family unit together. 

The other 4 slots are for single veterans. This would be a veteran who does not have a spouse or children living with them and providing direct support. These structure will allow 2 veterans to share a semi-private room.

Imagine this....walking trhough a gate and right into a "western town". Complete with a watering trough and hitching post. That's what we envision for the housing. Basially a dirt road with buldings on either side. The entire "town" will be modernized on the inside with the necessary amenities. The ouside will have the look and feel of the old west....minues the guns and shoot outs. We want you to be able to ride your horse to your home, tie to a hitching post, walk inside and be comfortable. War Horse Ranch, LLC will strive for belnding the Old West into the New World. We want you to relax and rehabilitate your mind, body & soul. We want you to do this with the comfort of home, the companionship of your horse and dog.

The veteran will be able to reside & live at "The Ranch"  for up to 18 months. Any services received will remain anonymous with exception of your sponsor. Your only committment is to honor your agreement of remaining in services for the duration of your agreed sponsorship. For more details, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss the options. During this period of time, you would be hired as a part-time employee of War horse Ranch. Upon leaving "the Ranch", if you choose, you will have medical insurance coverage, dental insurance coverage as well as your very own retirement package to take with you. You will be offered the opportunity to adopt your horse and dog for a new found life and adventure. We will provide you assistance in obtaining gainful employment as some of the sponsors are extremely veteran friendly. They want you to succeed.

War Horse Ranch Projects

War Horse Ranch, LLC is literally in the embryo stages of development. We are currently in the developing stages of a life changing adventure. Some of our projects will include things such as land development, structural design and placment, experiential therapy activities sites, property security, donation requests, fund raisers, , etc. War Horse Ranch, LLC is diigently trying to work with a concrete business owner to develop land, pour concrete and provide stone work to beautify "the Ranch" as well as make it asthetically appeasing.

War Horse Ranch, LLC has plan for projects that will include designing & developing a paintballl course, installing climbing/rappelling walls (20 ft, 40 ft, 60 ft), High/Low Element Course (Ropes Course), Therapeutic fishing pond, Garden/Greenhouse, Music Room, Art Room and possibly several other therapeutic venues.

A great project will be to take our veterans and teach them to calculate, design and build our own renewable energy sources. Each of our structures will eventually have it's own renewable energy source literally removing us from the "electrical grid", saving maoney as well as improving the earth around us. We will seek to develop, design and install such systems as to provide each veteran with new skills and technology, hopefully providing him/her with an opportunity in the future to use those skills for their own home.

War Horse Ranch, LLC will work in conjuction with Robin's Nest Rescue to rescue a horse and dog for each veteran. The concept is to teach the veteran how to care for the horse and dog properly. Teach the veteran how to train his animals for trail riding. We will seek world renowned professionals within their respective fields to provide the correct methods of training that is the least stressful for the animals and the veteran. In reality, War Horse Ranch will not be able to save every horse or dog from abuse, injury or neglect but we will work diligently at reducing harm done to these magnificent animals. We want the animal to chose the person as this is the first step of trust and bonding.

War Horse Ranch, LLC will have a primary project of trail riding. We plan to ride the trails of Oklahoma. Our goal is to allow our veterans to use the skills and traiing from the military. We will use GPS equipment to remap trails, clear them as needed or requested. This information will be returned to the various parks/recreations departments for other equestrian lovers.



Our goal at War Horse Ranch, LLC is to provide our Nation's Heroes with Experiential Alternative Solutions designed to help reintegration and reunification. Duty to our fellow soldier, their family members, horse, dog, mother nature and the love of our country are just a few of the common denominators we share. We want to "pay it forward" through hard work, dedication, commitment and community service. War Horse Ranch wants to see more "therapeutic" locations and availabilities to our veterans. We want to bridge the gap between the Vietnam Veterans and OEF/OIF/OND Veterans. While we are primarily focusing on OEF/OIF/OND veterans, we are fully aware of the ongoing emotional injuries of veterans from other wars, conflicts and theaters. We want to invite any veteran to reach out. If you suffer, please know there are people who are willing to help. Your journey may be just what a younger veteran needs to hear in order to manage their own demons. Pleas don't hesitate to become involved.

War Horse Ranch, LLC has goals of reaching out to all veterans, their immediate family members and their community. You have not been forgotten.